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We have some exciting news for patients of Willis & Associates Family Dentistry interested in straightening their teeth with the best orthodontic system available today- Invisalign Clear Braces.  Willis Family Dentistry has recently acquired an Itero Element digital scanning system and have completed new training under Elite Invisalign doctors.  Two of our Dentists, Drs. Willis & Podbesek have been certified Invisalign providers for years. The practice recently achieved the designation of “Preferred Provider” for 2016 by Invisalign.  Furthermore, Willis Family Dentistry, who have been early adopters in scanning and digital impressions for their crown and bridge work, are excited to announce they will now be utilizing the Itero Element digital impression system for all their Invisalign cases.


“The Itero Element has been on a six month backorder, frankly because speed at which we can scan is so fast now- it has changed the game with what we can now do with our Invisalign treatments- they cannot make them fast enough for Invisalign dentists”  says Dr. Willis, “I was very impressed with the treatment outcome simulator, many of my patients are interested in enhancing their smiles with straightening and orthodontic therapy, with the treatment outcome simulator in five minutes we can scan their teeth- run it through Invisalign’s 500 million dollar physics software, and show them a digital 3D model of their teeth- with whatever problems may exist- crowding, spacing, etc, then with a button show them the movement of the teeth into the ideal positions and correction of the problems with the Invisalign Aligner therapy– the technology is amazing.”  Dr. Willis uses the Itero Element between his four dental offices as well as the Trios 3Shape scanner in his Crozet office.  “In my opinion, the Itero element and the Trios 3Shape are the best scanners available right now- my vision from day one of my practice is to give my patients the best in dentistry and utilizing the best in technology is that.  Impressions, we all remember, with the metal trays will be a thing of the past in the near future.”

Dr. Willis has been providing Invisalign treatments across Central Virginia for many years.  “I was trained initially by one of New Yorks top Invisalign doctors- Ben Miraglia.” says Dr. Willis.  He was recently invited with a select group of 30 dentists across the United States to train under an elite Invisalign provider, arguably the top invisalign GP In the country, Dr. David Galler of Manhattan.  “Dr. Galler has been a wealth of information and a great mentor to me and my career as an Invisalign provider,   I now have the expertise to treat a broad range of challenging orthodontic issues with Invisalign.”


Dr. David Galler, Elite Invisalign Dentist & Dr. James Willis


Dr. Willis & Team with Dr. Ben Miraglia, Elite Invisalign Dentist

For those unfamiliar with Invisalign, let us examine the history of it.  You may remember Tom Cruise as the poster boy over a decade ago, transforming his smile with this new clear aligner therapy and the orthodontic company Invisalign.  Since it’s inception over 3 million cases have been completed.  It is the equivalent of comprehensive orthodontics when billed through dental coding.  Over the years the physics software has been upgraded with new movements and abilities to make corrections while straightening patient’s teeth.  “It is 100% the best orthodontic system in the world, in my opinion metal braces will be going the way of silver mercury fillings.  In the future there will be primarily plastic aligners moving teeth” Says Dr. Willis.  “It’s non invasive, I’ve seen the results myself after completing many cases and they have been perfect- my young children will definitely be going through this system and not 4 years of metal braces like I had as a teenager.”  “The cosmetics are superior, you don’t know someone is in Invisalign unless they show you.  So instead of being the first thing you notice on someone- a mouth full of metal braces for 2-4 years, Invisalign is never noticed, the treatment times, at least with my cases have been much less, only 8 months to 1 year and a half.  The big kicker for me, is without metal bands around molars and wires impinging gingiva my patients periodontal health is much better for the process, they can now floss when they want by simply removing the clear tray, whereas with metal braces it could be 2-4 years of poor flossing.  I would routinely see my teenage patients in braces with inflamed gums, gingivitis, the wires and brackets are not friendly to the teeth.  I have never seen decalcification and scarring of the teeth post Invisalign and I can’t say the same with traditional metal braces.”

Willis & Associates Family Dentistry’s new Invisalign services, now with digital scanning and backed with training and mentorship of the top Invisalign GPs in the country also offer a few unique bonuses.  Vivera clear retainers are included in all cases.  “The first thing I tell my patients after completing Invisalign Orthodontic therapy is the retainers must be worn, we give them the first set as an additional tray, I have them wear it for 6 weeks, then only at night permanently, people ask me how long do they need to wear their retainers, my response is, as long as they want to have straight teeth.  When I was a teen going through traditional braces my orthodontist did not stress this.  For some reason in the 90s the orthodontists did not stress the importance of wearing retainers.  Now many of the invisalign cases I complete are adults who have had relapses to crooked anterior teeth from lack of wearing retainers.” Dr. Willis adds.  Your Invisalign therapy with Willis Family Dentistry includes 4 sets of Vivera retainers as well as opalescence BOOST whitening gel.  The clear aligners that straighten your teeth are also used as custom bleaching trays.  “It is the ultimate cosmetic treatment I provide” says Dr. Willis, ” We love to see the results of a newly whitened perfectly aligned smile- everyone is happy.”

Patients in the Shenandoah Valley, from Staunton to Waynesboro have access through Willis & Associates Family Dentistry to an orthodontic technology that is second to none.  “It’s as high tech as any office in any city in the US, I love bringing the Itero Element out to my Churchville or Stuarts Draft dental office knowing in this rural setting the patients are getting a quality equivalent to anywhere in the world- and with the training and backing from Elite Invisalign GPs, our orthodontic services have gone to the next level.”  adds Dr. Willis.