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If you are looking for the right time to start your Invisalign treatment, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are very excited to announce some of our best prices on Invisalign® ALL YEAR!

Please join us on Tuesday October 4th for our Invisalign® Digital Smile Day!

As the leading Augusta Dentists, we take pride in being able to offer our community the best options for having a brand new smile that they can be confident in!

Our Invisalign® Digital Smile Day event boasts our BEST prices on Invisalign® treatment ALL YEAR, with amazing offers such as:

 $1,700+ off same-day Invisalign® case starts

FREE Invisalign® Outcome Simulation (A $500 Value!)

FREE Invisalign® Aligner Case & Retainers (A $600+ Value!)

We are also doing FREE Invisalign® Consultations all day from 8AM – 5PM!

In addition to these awesome offers on Invisalign®, we are also offering raffles for Colgate® cleaning products gift baskets, YETI® Thermos raffles, and Apple® AirPods raffles!

On Invisalign® Digital Smile Day, you could walk away with over $1,700 off your Invisalign® case start, a new YETI® thermos to sip from, and/or a new pair of Apple® AirPods!

We are also providing snacks and refreshments on Invisalign® Digital Smile Day, so please stop by and visit!

Book Your Invisalign® Digital Smile Day Appointment Now!